Gathering pollen and seeding the fruits of social media parley

Possibly the last post… who knows.

Hi everyone,  Just letting future readers know that this blog will be inactive due to our unit finishing, so no more posts about social media. However, in the future, you … Continue reading

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Are Social Medias Becoming Political Media?

What is the role of social media in politics? Social media can be used as a platform for political discussion and clarification to educate the public . Currently, political issues … Continue reading

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Was it worth leaking?

What are the implications of the recent instances of data leaks? Two main data leaks that have been publicized in recent media are the Wikileaks – Julian Assange story and … Continue reading

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The good, the bad and the Creative Commons

Are Creative Commons a positive idea or a negative? Creative Commons is a non-profit organisation who have dedicated their time and effort to increase the amount of creative works that … Continue reading

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Contrast of Produsing and Production.

What is the difference between produsage and production? Produsage – creating text to share amongst  responsive peer to peer communities. Produsage is community derived activity where many contributors share a common goal … Continue reading

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Why do Social Networking Sites (SNS) fail?

It can be said that some social networking sites are highly successful and others’ which, have failed and closed shop within a few years. An examples of a social networking … Continue reading

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Has Dunbar’s number been affected by social media?

Dunbar’s number is the figure associated with the number of individuals that one person can maintain within their social network; which is approximately 150 (Yu cited Apicella, et. al. 2013). As … Continue reading

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We are the Social Hummingbirds.

The Social Hummingbirds are 3 students at VU studying ACC3004 – Social Media.  To give you some insight about who we are let us introduce ourselves. Nicole Rawlings – I’m … Continue reading

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