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Contrast of Produsing and Production.

What is the difference between produsage and production?

Produsage – creating text to share amongst  responsive peer to peer communities. Produsage is community derived activity where many contributors share a common goal of distributing text on a specific discussion topic.  The community has fluid roles which vary depending on the amount of knowledge each contributor yields relating to the communities interest.  This environment naturally creates unfinished artefacts; as content will evolve when additional insights are brought forward for consideration. Participating in produsing inherently forfeits the traditional right to own the produced text as it is considered a collaborative piece of work which requires active involvement of many individuals deeming the output as common property.

Produsing created, images on instagram, content from Twitter, Youtube etc

Production – revenue driving business to consumer.  Commercially motivated by organised stakeholders.  The end product or service is intended to satisfy the needs of a particular audience however, they are removed from having any input into the production process. There are multiple stages in production: primary – extracting the product in its original state , secondary – transforming the original product to be used in the final stage which is tertiary the end product ready to be marketed to consumers.

Production has created the food we purchase from supermarkets, clothes bought online and furniture that fills your home.


4 comments on “Contrast of Produsing and Production.

  1. jianchristy
    September 12, 2013

    These definitions seem far clearer than the text!

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